We strive for the highest return on your investment by efficiently carrying out the construction
of piles and micropiles, anchors and shotcrete, as well as, soil improvement and deep excavations.
Pilas y Micropilas


These are structural elements used to lay deep or semi-deep foundations. Being of circular section, with variable diameter and lenght, they are capable or transmiting the structural load to the subsoil by means of compressive, tensile and bending stresses.


This construction system is mainly used to stabilize or provide support to soil or rock masses using anchors as a structural element. They are designed to withstand stress loads, transmit friction stresses out of the fault plane and mitigate potential landslides.

sistemas de fijacion
concreto lanzado


This is a technique used for the placement of concrete through high pressure pneumatic projection onto a surface to form structural or non-structural elements. Unlike conventional concrete placement techniques, in wich it is first poured and then vibrated, shotcrete allows placement and compaction simultaneously due to the force with wich it is projected from the nozzle, thus avoiding the use of formwork.

Soil improvement

This is a geotechnical procedure that is usually carried out prior to the construction of structures projected on land with unstable soils in order to improve its mechanical properties. This reduces its deformability and increases its load capacity, achieving favorable conditions for the conformation of plataform and the height of foundation levels.

Mejoramiento de suelos
Excavaciones Profundas


This is a removal process of soil or rock that aims to reach the height of the foundation level or a structure, making use of selected mechanical equipment based on the knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of the various existing materials.



We offer a wide range of highly specialized services, with experienced personnel and proper equipment..

Solutions in and rock drilling.



We offer you efficient proposals, achieving savings in both costs and completion time.

Piles and Micropiles, solutions for foudations and soil stabilization.



You receive a suitable fully functional design, in addition to technical knowledge and effective implementation as a solution to your project.

Anchorages, solutions for stabilizing and supporting soil structures (natural and artificial).



It allows immediate support, providing excellent waterproofing and perfectly adapting itself to the contour of the surface..

Shotcrete, provides solutions for forming retaining walls, erosion protection structures, protection against fallen and temporary retaining structures.



From due diligence in our planning to safety and speed in project execution, we can guarantee the high quality of our service.

Earthworks, we provide solutions for contracts in soil excavation and shaping earth structures.

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